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Why We Started the Company We Always Wanted to Work For

It’s too hard. It’s too scary. I’m not good enough. Where do we start? Those, and about a million other thoughts and questions ran through my head when we first started talking about starting our own company. I am a very pragmatic person. I like to have all my ducks (and really everything else) in a row at all times, so for me this was a giant leap off a really big cliff into shark-filled waters. And sharks are quite literally my greatest fear. So why did I jump?

Because, it’s about damn time.

It’s time for leadership to look like us.
I know, another group of Millennials who think they can do things better than anyone else. We’re so entitled, so brash, and we have no respect for the generations before us who built empires and created the world that we’re so quick to tear down.

“And they’re all women? Who do they think they are?” I have quite literally been asked this question.

But here’s the thing: we have been paying attention. We’re not looking to tear down what’s been created before us, we’re looking to build on it. And, we’re looking to look a little bit different.

In our collective experience, the buck so often stopped in the hands of a homogenous group of leaders. It’s hard to authentically consider other points of view when only one is represented at the highest level. So we founded our company in the firm belief that representation at all levels of business creates the best work. Instead of having to retrofit a leadership team and force new perspectives, it’s built into our foundation.

It’s time to get paid for doing the best work.
Along with that, we’re leveraging the traits that have made us as individuals successful, and so often the hardest working and highest producing members on our teams. We’re grounded in our values, and we create with a conscience. We work fast, and adapt to change even faster. We push boundaries, and we do it without stepping on people.

It’s time to write our own future.
We’re building the company we’ve always wanted to work for, because we saw an opportunity to elevate underrepresented voices and deliver on a business need. We’ve been on the receiving end, as the audience that feels disconnected from messaging coming our way. We’ve rolled our eyes and looked at each other and said, “Who signed off on this?” The corporate audience is looking a lot more like us these days, so we decided it’s time we grabbed the pen.

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