What We Do

Nova delivers learning programs, research & data analysis, and strategic consulting.

Whether you’re empowering someone in your organization to be an ambassador using Train the Trainer Toolkits, need custom learning solutions, or want to scale critical DEI conversations throughout the workforce, out team embraces several approaches to equipping people with the skills they need to make unlearning a lifestyle.

Instructor-Led Training

We’ve built explicit Learning Pathways for individual contributors, people leaders, executives, and communicators within your organization. We provide virtual and in-person programs around topics including:

  • Social Identity & Communicating Across Difference
  • Bias Awareness & Microaggressions
  • Effective Allyship & Bystander Intervention
  • Developing & Coaching Multi-Partial Leaders
  • Leading Across Lines of Difference
  • Organizational Identity
  • Unpacking Our Culture & Planning for Change

These programs aren’t your average “diversity training”, they are targeted professional development workshops that build vital Core Competencies for your workforce.

Off the shelf Training

Our Compass e-Learning program was designed to be an easy, scalable solution to lay the foundation of DEI at your organization. These 10 self-paced SCORM modules provide a turnkey digital solution for today’s workplace and the workplaces of the future. Learn More.

Our Compass Toolkit allows you to activate Ambassadors within your organization, and scale dialogue-based training using your internal resources. We give you the tools to bring 15 critical DEI topics to life in meetings throughout your organization. Learn More.


Get a deeper understanding of your organization and learn how data and research can play a vital role in maximizing your DEI efforts.


Our research capabilities help organizations better understand. Our organizational-wide surveys give you an in-depth view of your organization. Get a sense of the true experience of your organization through our focus groups and listening sessions. Our research team also provides needs assessments and secondary research.

Data Analysis

Get more specific about the true needs of your organization and learn how you can use data to reach your goals. Our data offerings include:

  • Historical Data Analysis
  • Metrics Development
  • Pay Equity Audits
  • Indexing & Benchmarking

Our Strategists and Project Leads build custom solutions tailored to the needs of your organization no matter where you are on your DEI journey.

Organizational Alignment

Sometimes the best place to start is to make sure that your organization is in alignment. What are the policies and protocols that make your organization. Are they rooted in equity and inclusivity? How do the employees of an organization feel about working there? What about leadership? Our Org Alignment process includes org-wide survey & analysis , executive alignment sessions, key policy & process audits and strategic roadmap development. We will work you to establish a sustainable plan that honors your DEI goals.

Membership Model

Our Membership Initiatives model is what you’ll utilize when you need ongoing support to create structures and build momentum. In other words, we don’t just come into your organization, tell you what needs to be changed and then just leave. Work with our team of consultants to see which initiatives support where you are in your journey. Initiatives include:

  • Hiring/Recruiting Toolkit & Training Program
  • DEI Strategic Communications Plan
  • DEI Business Case Development
  • Supporting and Transitioning DEI Headcount
  • Metrics Dashboard Development
  • Pay Equity Audit
  • Bias Response Protocol
  • Employee Resource Group Support
  • Ongoing support, consultation and direction

Focused Initiatives

We work with your practitioners and ours to take a deeper look into things like:

  • MarComm Audits
  • Toolkits & Training Programs
  • Learning Curricula
  • Content Audits to develop custom curricula, deliverables, and programs
How We Work
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Point In Time Learning

Whether a single workshop session or an enterprise-wide program, Nova creates tailored curriculum to ground our learning in the context of your organization. We work with your stakeholders to consider pre-learning messaging, as well as post-learning reinforcements so that your participants are coming into the room in the right frame of mind and leaving the room with tools and actions they can actually use.

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Strategy & Consulting

DEI and Supplier Diversity work doesn’t often fit neatly into a box. Nova partners in an “always-on” relationship with organizations to dig into complex challenges and help navigate real-time issues. Our membership model provides access to our deep bench of experts, ensuring you have the right resources at the right time.

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Maybe your organization has internal resources and investments that are poised to scale this work. Perhaps you’ve had employees raise their hand to help carry it forward. Our toolkits are pre-packaged content that can be implemented by your internal teams and scaled across your organization. Our toolkits provide robust, flexible learning that your company can use in a variety of ways.