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Inclusion & Identity
Training and Consulting

Nova designs dialogues, exercises and assessments – tailored to your organization and your objectives.  

Identity & Inclusion Training and Consulting
Nova works with your D&I and HR teams to build awareness around identity, practice inclusive behaviors, and evaluate processes and policies for equity & inclusion.

Nova’s D&I Compass toolkit helps organizations do more with more by providing off-the-shelf content and assessments.

Nova offers learning and consulting programs, working with our bench of experts.  Our areas of focus are:

  • Recruiting & talent acquisition
  • Hiring process and materials
  • Onboarding process and materials
  • Performance review process and materials
  • Employee handbook and code of conduct
  • Organizational values

Ready-to-customize sessions include:

  • Understanding Identity
  • Inclusion as a Verb
  • Facilitating Difficult Conversations
  • White at Work: Cultural Norms and Their Impact
  • Allyship
Learning Programs

Whether you are developing your emerging leaders or working with your sales team to tell better stories, Nova builds experiential learning (digital and instructor-led) that produces measurable results.

Nova designs dialogues, exercises and assessments – tailored to your organization and your objectives.

Some of our off-the-shelf programs are:

  • Optimizing Your High Potentials
  • Navigating Change
  • Telling Your Sales Story
Communication Campaigns

We’re at our best when we’re developing scaled solutions for businesses – creating digital assets that can cascade through an organization. Nova provides full service content production from creative concepting and campaign development all the way through video production and final editing. We know how to take any media type (videos, still photos, memes, tweets, talking heads) and bring them to life through our unique lens.
Nova creates “Conscious Content” – messages that are created by and with a variety of identities.

Work with Nova to create campaigns around internal values programs, ethics & compliance initiatives and other critical communications topics.

The 4 Questions That Guide Our Communications Campaigns

How do we
hook them?

We need an audience that sits up and pays attention.  

Why do they

By centering your organization’s purpose, we can speak to the “why” instead of just the “what”.

What’s the

By using context-setters, we can ensure that your message is grounded in your audience’s reality.

Does it fit
in a cube?

This is our way of making sure the messages we craft can be taken back to the desk. Creating & distributing follow up that follows through.

Our Approach
We Do Things Differently

We know that processes can change.  Timelines, stakeholders, and different deliverables often have influence over how a process plays out.

At Nova, we focus on our approach being different and our process becomes what it needs to be to build the best work and make you look great to your organization.

Taking the temperature.  Nova strives to lay a foundation for our work steeped in your employees’ experiences.  Whether it is a culture audit for you total workforce or a self-assessment for high potential learners – Nova wants to hear directly from your audience.

Context Setters.  We want our communications and learning programs to truly connect with your teams.  This is why we use “Context Setters” – industry/organization based stimulus – to drive our dialogues and programs.  If we’re talking about Inclusive Leadership at a large leadership meeting, we want to create a video that grounds the topic in YOUR world.  If we’re learning about bias in the workplace, Nova will create a comic strip scenario that reflects your learners’ experience.  It’s all about context.

Measuring Success.  We want to design effective, compelling programs for your workforce.  And we want to prove that they work.  Nova measures success and shares results on every program we deliver – so the ROI is never in question and you get the credit you deserve.

Making it Right.  Our programs have to be right for you, and you know your business and audience better than anyone.  This is why Nova does not enforce rounds of revisions or feedback limits.  Quite simply, we want our materials to work and we will work with you until you’re satisfied.

Nova is a certified MBE and WBE. Work with us to reach your Supplier Diversity goals.