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Lisa_Dedicated to the only black girl at work

Dedicated To The Only Black Girl At Work

Hey black girl at work! How you doing? Did your co-worker reach out to touch your hair again? Has anybody looked at you crazy after you raised that “eloquent” point in the 9:00AM meeting – almost as if to say, “Whoa whoa what are you doing here and WHY are...
the 5 stages of diversity program defensiveness

The 5 Stages of Diversity Program Defensiveness

We’ve seen this go down a few times now – at organizations where we’ve worked and in our clients’ organizations. When a company takes that first D&I step to establish hiring goals….things can get complicated pretty fast. Here’s how it typically goes down: Company X conducts internal research that gives...
The Nova Collective Chicago

Let’s Talk About Being White at Work

If you are like me you probably read this headline and thought ‘Hey, I have an idea! Let’s not talk about that at all, thanks!’. When we bring this topic up to clients or colleagues, we typically hear one of these reactions: Confusion – what are you talking about –...
Diversity and Inclusion Chicago

7 Things You Hear at the Office That Are Definitely Rooted in Racism

It is alarming how much of our conversational language is rooted in oppression in the U.S. Alarming, but probably not surprising. We pass down turns of phrase from generation to generation until we don’t know what they mean literally, only what they’ve come to mean in our culture. Below are...
Diversity Coaching with The Nova Collective Tiffany Hudson (SHE/HER) Accounts, co-founder

The Notorious ERG

Let’s get right to it. I’m black. I’m a woman. And I’m a lesbian. Okay, now that we’ve got that out there, let’s talk about a couple things I often experience in the workplace in being black, gay, and a woman. So, why “the Notorious ERG?” Well, the majority of...
Representation in business Chicago

3 Ways My Privilege Shows Up At Work

Everyone’s favorite topic! White/cis/hetero privilege in the workplace! …. Hello? Anybody??? No? But listen, friends, we have to talk about it. Because it exists and it has deep impact on our workspaces and organizations. I spent many years being very uncomfortable at the idea of Privilege. Doesn’t “Blessings” sound much,...
Women in the Workplace Chicago

Will There Be Lunch at This Meeting?

When women are treated differently than men at work, it’s almost always unintentional. I like to operate under the assumption that most people aren’t actively trying to be jerks, but it doesn’t make it suck any less when they are. That said, if all heads (both male and female) turned...
The Nova Collective Diversity and Inclusion Chicago, Strategic DEI Consultancy Services

Why We Started the Company We Always Wanted to Work For

It’s too hard. It’s too scary. I’m not good enough. Where do we start? Those, and about a million other thoughts and questions ran through my head when we first started talking about starting our own company. I am a very pragmatic person. I like to have all my ducks...
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