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Dear Only Black Girl At Work: Happy Feelings For Black Panther

Dear Only Black Girl At Work, I wish I was there in person to give you a proper “Happy Black Panther Week” greeting. Anywho - are you still eating leftover gluten-free Valentine’s Day office candy? It’s been a minute since we’ve last talked. Whatchu been up to? Life for me...
14 Questions Job Interview

14 Questions To Ask In Your Next Job Interview

How to Find Out if Your Potential New Employer is Prioritizing Diversity & Inclusion. Congrats!  You’re on the job hunt and lining up interviews left and right.  Your resume is polished, your answers are practiced and you are ready to jump into the next kick ass part of your career....
Sunken Place

12 Signs Your Job Is The Sunken Place

Recently, Jordan Peele’s social thriller, Get Out, was nominated for four Oscars making Jordan Peele the third filmmaker to receive Oscar nominations for directing, writing, and best picture for his feature directorial debut. Actor, Daniel Kaluuya also received his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Even though it’s been nearly...
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3 Reasons Why Identity Work is So Damn Important

3 Reasons Identity Work is So Damn Important

Who are you?   How do you define yourself? How do you show up with other people in certain situations?  Is it always the same?   Put simply - Do you know your true identity?* *If you answered ‘yes’, because you have done Identity exploration or because your multiple marginalized...

3 Things ‘Non-Diverse’ People Can Bring to Diversity (and the do’s and don’ts of how to use them)

Oh, hi! This is from me (imperfect but well meaning cis/het White woman) to you (also imperfect but well meaning cis/het White person).  I know you’re out there because, well, we’re everywhere.  And I know you’ve been noticing and paying attention to this diversity movement at your company and others (ahemGoogle, ahemUber)....
The Nova Collective Strategic DEI Consultancy- negotiation sounds like this

The Sound of Negotiation

“Salary negotiation” isn’t a phrase that’s usually associated with positive vibes. Actually, most people hate it. But maybe we don’t have to.   We know, you’ve probably read every list of tips and tricks for how to “win” a negotiation, but what about how to enjoy it? Maybe salary negotiations just need...

Only Black Girl At Work: The Monday After

Friday, you were excited for the weekend and then you cursed yourself for having those pesky CNN updates automatically pop up and showing you the news about Philando Castile’s murderer going free. Here we are Monday. Back at work and every time Susie, your coworker, wants to talk about their...

Let’s Get Real: Why Being Too Polite at Work Isn’t Working

A very public social experiment once endeavored to “find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.” That experiment was The Real World, and they sought to answer that question with a booze-filled house of strangers. And while we probably shouldn’t get so nostalgic about the 90’s that...
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