Compass FAQs

What is Compass?

Compass is a suite of content and tools. It contains 15 videos, 30 comic strips, 3 moderator guides, pre/post-engagement surveys, and 1 train-the-trainer webinar session.

Is Compass an online platform employees log into?

No. We deliver the content to you as downloadable files that can be loaded into your LMS or intranet system. There is no complex technology integration, and no external links or platforms you need to access or integrate with.

Does Compass content work with our internal system?

Yes. Compass file types are standard (.wmv/.mp4, .pdf, and .jpg) and will work in any operating system.

How is the content delivered to our organization?

Compass content is delivered via an FTP site and a thumb drive for download.

Is pricing an annual subscription fee?  How is pricing determined?

No. The one-time fee includes in-perpetuity, enterprise-wide usage of the content for your organization, as well as the train-the-trainer webinar session.

Compass has a tiered pricing structure which is determined based on the number of employees in your organization.

Who are the Ambassadors at my organization who deliver Compass? How do you identify them?

We work with your internal stakeholders to identify your Ambassadors. Depending on your organization’s structure, they may be members of a D&I Council or ERG/BRG, people-leaders at a certain level, or internal trainers. Ambassadors don’t have to be experts in D&I, and our train-the-trainer session provides an overview of the content and best practices for holding space for these nuanced discussions.

How do Ambassadors get trained to deliver Compass?

Ambassadors are trained in a 90 minute webinar that can be joined from any location. The webinar is included in the base Compass package, and is recorded and shared with your team following the training.

How long does it take to complete the full program?

Compass is designed to be as flexible as possible. You can deliver one topic at a time (~20 minutes) or in groups of topics that fit into your broader D&I curriculum goals.

Our recommended rollout is for Ambassadors to host 3 moderated sessions (90 minutes – 2 hours each) with groups of 10 – 12 people. We suggest that these three sessions are delivered over the course of 3 – 6 months.

Do we have to use the content specifically how it is bundled?

No. Compass is designed to be delivered in 3 moderated sessions that each last 90 minutes – 1.5 hours, but can be broken up into individual topics delivered in 20-30 minutes each. The content can be easily divided and assembled to meet the needs of your organization.

Can we customize the content?

Yes. For an additional fee (final cost pending scope), all Compass content can be customized to more specifically match the environments, roles, and tone of your culture.

How/when do you create new content and modules?

We use the feedback from post-engagement surveys to look at what employees who go through the program want to learn next. It might be 201 or 301 versions of existing topics, or new topics altogether. We look for patterns across industries to determine the topics and content types for future modules.

We develop new content every 6-12 months

Do you certify independent trainers to deliver Compass?

No. Compass is designed for internal use at organizations and is implemented in partnership with the Nova team.