Qualitative Researcher

Part Time, Contract Role

  • Are you a social sciences researcher who loves learning about others’ experiences? Do you want to help leaders at top organizations understand the complexities of their organizational culture?
  • Are you equally comfortable collecting data (facilitating focus groups, doing one-on-one interviews), analyzing data using qualitative research methods, and talking about your findings with stakeholders?
  • Can you situate your research in social, structural, and historical contexts?
  • Interested in a part-time (10-15 hours a week), project-based, flexible, remote role?

Do you bring a strong background in qualitative research, such as:

  • Designing conversation guides to answer specific research questions
  • Conducting interviews and focus groups
  • Using thematic analysis methodologies to analyze large qualitative data sets, including open-response survey data
  • Distilling your findings into easy-to-understand
  • Finding creative ways to visualize and present that data so that it can be useful to guide key strategic decisions?

We’re looking for an experienced or emerging qualitative researcher with an interest (but not necessarily any direct experience) in DEI work. It’s more important that you’re candid and clear about what you need to learn, grow, and thrive – we’re all here to figure out new ways to do that together.

Please do apply even if you only feel you meet part of those qualifications. Research has shown that some candidates, especially those who are nonwhite and not men, sometimes do not apply to roles unless they feel like they meet all the qualifications. We’re much more interested in building on your strong foundation of data science learning, not ticking boxes on a form.

We would like to encourage you to bring the full benefit of your lived experience to work with us.


We’re The Nova Collective. We work with some of the country’s best companies – and we would love to have you join our team!

Nova is a Black-owned, women-owned company devoted to transforming organizational cultures. Nova works with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) leaders to build equity and achieve meaningful change, no matter where they are on the DEI journey.

People who work well with us have a great sense of humor, even when doing the deepest of work. It’s also extremely important that everyone who joins us has a meaningful understanding of anti-bias work and how to incorporate it into every aspect of their communication.


If you end up working with us in this role, you’ll be designing and executing qualitative research studies from start to finish, helping us to extrapolate insights for our clients.

Once you’re fully up and running with the role, you’ll be participating in the conversations and telling the story about it, clear and meaningful, comfortable in speaking it out.

You’ll report directly to our Head of Research, as well as collaborating with our teams (internal and external) to make sure you’ve got everything you need to thrive and produce great results.

Potential candidates can submit their experience and interest via email to: work@thenovacollective.com 

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