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Our DEI Philosophy
Nova believes in creating true equity within our organizations.
We challenge individuals and companies to go beyond a “feel good” or “check the box” program and lean in to the ever-changing, sometimes uncomfortable, wonderfully messy world of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Nova’s Core Values
If we want to change behaviors, we have to connect with hearts and minds.  Your workforce needs to understand what we are asking of them and why it matters.  We don’t go to the gym because it’s “the right thing to do”, we go to the gym because we understand the benefits and results.  
You shouldn’t have to do this alone.  We believe we need to harness your champions, ambassadors and people leaders to help carry forward these initiatives.  We want to start an ‘always-on’, grassroots machine that can amplify your impact.
Who’s in the room matters.  Representation is important at all levels, which is why Nova staffs all projects with at least 50% women and 50% people of color.  We think the teams doing the diversity content should be diverse. Novel idea, right?